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Council for Affordable Health Coverage

The Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) is a broad-based alliance with a singular focus: bringing down the cost of healthcare for all Americans. CAHC supports solutions that empower consumers to make better healthcare choices, leading to a more robust, competitive, and less costly healthcare system.

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The Health Innovation Alliance logo

Health Innovation Alliance

The Health Innovation Alliance (HIA) is a coalition of the nation’s most powerful names in technology and healthcare, working to create value for patients by transforming care, improving connectivity, enhancing patient access, and streamlining the regulatory process.

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Americans for Beneficiary Choice

Americans for Beneficiary Choice (ABC) is a broad-based alliance of insurance agencies, independent insurance agents and brokers, field marketing organizations (FMOs), insurance marketing organizations (IMOs), and others who have a shared mission: to ensure that healthcare beneficiaries continue to have access to a wide range of information, resources and coverage options, so that they can continue to make informed choices about their coverage without increasing their healthcare costs.

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A Campaign for Transformative Therapies

CAHC’s Campaign for Transformative Therapies (CTT) brings together biopharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, and patient groups to advance policies that enable outcomes-based arrangements (OBAs) for gene therapies.

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The Health Benefits Institute logo

Health Benefits Institute

The Health Benefits Institute (HBI) is a group of agents, brokers, insurers, employers, benefit platforms, associations, think tanks, and others seeking to protect the ability of consumers to make their own healthcare financing choices.

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The Laboratory Access Benefits Coalition logo

Laboratory Access & Benefits Coalition

The Laboratory Access and Benefits (LAB) Coalition brings together payer, manufacturer, patient, consumer, provider, and laboratory professionals as well as other healthcare thought leaders to improve laboratory and testing policies.

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The Telehealth Equity Coalition logo

Telehealth Equity Coalition

The Telehealth Equity Coalition (TEC) is driven to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare by increasing the adoption of telehealth, especially among those communities who have been left out or left behind.

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