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Horizon Government Affairs provides the intelligence, creates the relationships, and forms the alliances that make organizations successful, whether on Capitol Hill, with the Administration, or among their competitors or peers.

In addition to individual corporate, association and not-for-profit clients, Horizon Government Affairs builds and manages dependable advocacy networks through several broad-based, on-going coalitions representing more than 200 diverse organizations.

Our Service Offerings

Legislative and Executive Branch lobbying

Public policy development

Regulatory and economic analysis

Advocacy campaign development and execution

Coalition development and management

Strategic communications and messaging

Bill and comment letter drafting

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Areas of Expertise


Horizon has extensive experience directly engaging Capitol Hill, the administration, and key regulatory agencies including the FDA and CMS on issues related to drug pricing, coverage, and reimbursement.

Data & Health Information Technology

Horizon recognizes the need to modernize and incorporate innovative technology into the access and delivery of care while still protecting patients’ privacy. We are working with Congress, CMS, and ONC to enact these meaningful changes.

Health Reform

Our team has a deep understanding of the Affordable Care Act and health reform policies from both the state and federal levels. Our team includes economists and experts in coverage and cost proposals.

Medicare Reimbursement, Coverage and Reform

No one knows Medicare better than Horizon. We helped write Medicare Part D and multiple provider reimbursement changes.

Rare Diseases

Horizon has extensive knowledge of, and networks in, the patient communities. We play a trusted leadership role on the issues and with the FDA, CMS, and other agencies.

State Health Policy

Horizon leverages our team’s extensive expertise – from a former regulator’s perspective to those who have run multistate, national issue campaigns – to provide expert testimony, shape the conversation on key healthcare issues, champion issues at influential intergovernmental organizations, and fuse a wealth of multistate activity into client wins.

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Client Testimonials

“NCPDP has enjoyed a strong and productive relationship with Joel White and his team since 2013. His firm, Horizon Government Affairs, serves an important role in NCPDP’s advocacy initiative, keeping our standards and solutions and our role as a knowledgeable healthcare industry resource top of mind among policymakers. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration to advance interoperability and improve healthcare.”

Lee Ann Stember

President & CEO National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP)

“We work with Horizon because they are best in class in bringing together strong advocacy alliances. They are experts at innovative strategies and work tirelessly to succeed. The team at Horizon always finds a way, which is why they’ve worked with us for more than a decade.”

Shannon Graham

Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Strategic Alliances PhRMA

“The experts at Horizon are policy experts and advocacy specialists who know how to get things done. They know drug pricing and reimbursement policies because they helped write the laws and regulations that define them. We work with them because they make a difference every day for our business success.”

Rita Norton

Senior Vice President (retired), Government Affairs Amerisource Bergen Corporation (ABC)

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